Guaranteed Best Tee Times – Joke

Golf Course in Heaven

John was an avid golfer and man of faith. He golfed every Sunday after going to church.
John was getting older and not feeling well when he said to his wife, “I hope that I can play golf in heaven.”

His wife told him that this next Sunday he should say a little prayer to God.

The next Sunday when John was kneeling at the pew he prayed, “Oh God, thank you so much for all that I have had in my life, my family, my career, a great retirement with a good golf game. I hope that when I reach Heaven I can continue playing golf.”

Suddenly, John heard a thundering voice in his head, “John, I heard your prayer and can answer your prayer, do you want the good news or the bad news first?”

John was definitely shaken to hear from the Lord, but was able to say, “I will take the good news first.”

God spoke, “The good news is that in Heaven we have thousands of golf courses to play, you will get to play in some of the best foursomes that ever played and play is fast.”

“Wow!” John thought, “What is the bad news.”

The Lord said, “You have a 9am tee time tomorrow.”